2018 Cabernet Sauvignon

Going to be another great year of wonderful wine. Here we are crushing and desteming. It is now fermenting, will keep everyone posted on its progress.


Syrah grapes today

We had our syrah grapes picked today.   We then crushed and destemed the grapes.   And we will be adding yeast tomorrow. 

Pressing Chardonnay 

Here’s a couple of pictures of us putting the Chardonnay thru our bladder press. Now it is in a stainless steel tank and ready for fermentation. 


We finally found some Chardonnay grapes for this years wine.  New for us this year, the grapes are from the central coast. 

Wine Glasses

Thanks to Mrs. Blossom View, we now have personalized wine glasses for tasting. 

Grapevines pruned

We got our grapevines pruned yesterday, then I ran the shredder over the prunings to turn them into mulch.

Filtering Syrah

Getting our 2015 Syrah ready for bottling by running thru our plate filter. 

Merlot fermenting

Here’s a picture of the Merlot in the middle of fermentation. It smells wonderful 

Merlot crush day

We shoveled a 1000# if Merlot thru the crusher – destemmer. 

2016 Merlot

We are making a Merlot from Lodi this year. Same grower we got Merlot from before. 

Bottling Day

We bottled our 2015 Chardonnay on Saturday. 

Chardonnay Filtering 

Filtered our Chardonnay today in advance of bottling. 

Cabernet bottling 





 We bottled our 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon today. It was given a thumbs up by all of our taste testers, Thanks for all of your help today. It should be ready to drink by Thanksgiving. Please let us know if you’re interested in a taste. 

New Label

What do you think of the new wine label? Hope to see you for bottling on Sunday October 4th at 11:00am.


Bottling our Cabernet Sauvignon

We will be bottling our 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon on Sunday October 4 at 11:00 am.  If anybody wants to come and help you are more than welcome.

Syrah fermentation 

We added yeast to our Syrah today.  



We picked our Syrah grapes today.   Into the crusher they went. Tomorrow they get yeast. 


Pressing Chardonnay 

We pressed our Chardonnay grapes today. Now to fermentation.  


2015 Chardonnay 

We crushed and destemmed our Chardonnay today. Now it sits chilling until we press.  


Syrah Rose Bottling 

We bottled our 2014 Syrah Rose today.   Our first attempt at a Rose.  


2014 Cabernet Sauvignon

We picked our Cabernet yesterday and added yeast today
to start fermentation.



Bottling Chardonnay

Our crew bottling the 2013 Chardonnay



2013 Chardonnay

We filtered our 2013 Chardonnay today and will bottle it tomorrow.



Syrah Rose

Our Syrah Rose finished fermentation and has started malolactic fermentation. We transferred it into a oak barrel.



Syrah Rose yeast

We added the yeast to our Syrah rose juice today. The yeast is in the measuring cup waiting to be added to the juice. The juice in the wine glass is the example of the color.


Syrah Rose

We are making a Syrah Rose this year. The grapes were picked today. We pressed the grapes and the juice is in a stainless steel tank awaiting fermentation.





Grapes in bloom now. Did a little summer pruning on the vines.


Happy New Year!

Happy 2014 everyone ! ! ! Help us tidy up the winery. Stop by and pick up a FREE case of wine. CHEERS !


Wine Legs

Here’s a short You Tube video on wine legs.

Stop by the winery


Remember that October is Breast Cancer awareness month. Stop by the winery and get a bottle or two of your favorite Blossom View Vineyards wine.

Be sure to raise your glass and remember all that have lost the fight, those that continue to fight and all that still have hope and continue to press on.


Our Chardonnay is finished the first fermentation, now on to malolactic fermentation. This will give it that buttery taste.


2013 Chardonnay

We pressed our Chardonnay yesterday and put it into our stainless steel tank to ferment. The temperature control is set to 60 degrees for a slow fermentation. Yeast has been added.



2013 Estate Chardonnay

We picked our chardonnay yesterday




Pinot Noir Bronze Metal

Our 2010 Pinot Noir just got awarded a Bronze metal in the WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competition


2012 Chardonnay bottled

We bottled our 2012 Estate Chardonnay today with the help of a few of our friends.




Chardonnay Filtering

We filtered our 2012 Chardonnay in preparation for bottling. We will be bottling our first estate Chardonnay in two weeks. Hope to see you then.


Repurposed wine barrel

The useful life of a wine barrel comes to an end eventually. Our chardonnay barrel has finished its life as a wine barrel and now is a cheese platter.


Vineyard Pruned

Finally got the vineyard pruned and ready for the new year. We are now ready to grow some great grapes to make some great wine.


Chardonnay Update

Transferred our 2012 Chardonnay into the stainless steel tank to start cold stabilization. It’s tasting very good, looking to bottle it in March. Racked all of our red wines today also.


Chardonnay Fermenting

The Chardonnay is in the tanks starting to ferment.



Well we got our grapes picked on Saturday after all. We crushed and destemed on Saturday. Then on Sunday we pressed. We were very blessed to get a 1-1/2 tanks of juice. We are going to make the Chardonnay two ways, oaked and un-oaked.











Chardonnay Grape crushing

Our Chardonnay crushing has been canceled. We don’t know when we are getting the grapes picked.

Chardonnay grape crushing

Ok, everybody that wanted to help crush grapes, time to get your hands dirty. We are trying to get our Chardonnay grapes picked Saturday morning and will be crushing the grapes around 10am, it will take about two hours. Then on Sunday morning, 10am, we will be pressing the grapes for the juice. This will also take about two hours. Please come in clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Be prepared to have some fun. We hope to see you on Saturday.


Here’s how we make wine


Wine Consultation today

We had a professional winemaker come by and taste all of our wines today. He gave us some great ideas to improve our wines. Since the winery in which he works for just won gold at the California State Fair, we will put his ideas to work for us.


Today we bottled our 2010 Pinot Noir

We bottled our 2010 Pinot Noir today. A very special thanks to our friends that helped us today. I believe this Pinot is going to be a very special wine.



Wine bottling

We will be bottling our 2010 Pinot Noir on Sunday, August 5 at 1 pm. This is the new label we will be using Everybody is welcome to come by and help out.


Pinot Noir

We are filtering our 2010 Pinot Noir before bottling next weekend. Hopefully a gold metal wine.



Our syrah and cabernet sauvignon grapes have started veraison. Now the grapes start the ripening process.


Our 2010 Chardonnay wins award

Our 2010 Chardonnay won a Bronze Metal in the Wine Maker International Amateur Wine Competition.


Robins nest

Found this Robins nest in our chardonnay today.


In the winery today

Racking and testing wine today.


Full Moon

A view of the “super” full moon over the vineyard tonight.


Perfect evening

Here’s the perfect place to enjoy a Blossom View Chardonnay at the end of the day.


Sunset in the Vineyard

The end to another beautiful spring day in our vineyard.


Grapes are growing

These Chardonnay grapes have started growing. Now if we can get past the frost season. Cold temperatures can damage these tender shoots and reduce the crop.


Wine bottles

We got a shipment of wine bottles today, thanks to a good wine making friend. We are planning to bottle our 2010 Pinot Noir in June, do we have any volunteers?


Happy St Patrick’s Day

It takes great beer to make great wine.


Pruning day

Finally got around to pruning the grapes, a little late but no harm done. Just need one more day to finish up.


Wine chemistry

Taking wine chemistry at UC Davis this weekend to learn more about making wine

Merry Christmas!

Here’s a photo of the vineyard this crisp morning. Here’s wishing all you wine lovers a Merry Christmas.


New barrel!

Christmas came early for the winery this year, as a 30 gallon red barrel was delivered by Santa’s elves. We will use this in making some red wine blends.


The latest wines to sample


Fall colors in vineyard

Here’s picture of the grapevines with fall colors. We hope everybody has a great thanksgiving.


Winery slowing down

All of our wines are now in oak barrels. Our Chardonnay has finished malolactic fermentation, The Cabernet and Syrah has just started.


Harvest Party

If you didn’t make it to the Harvest Party last night, here’s what you missed.



Syrah pressing

We are pressing our Syrah tonight. It has a beautiful rich dark color. For our first estate grown grapes, it’s going to make a great wine.


Grapes Fermenting

Here’s a picture of our grapes in the beginning of fermentation. The Cabernet Sauvignon in the foreground, and Syrah in the back.


2011 Harvest

We finally harvested our Cabernet and Syrah grapes today. Here’s a few pictures. Tomorrow we add yeast and start fermenting our 2011 wines.





Finally, Harvest

We are going to harvest our Cabernet and Syrah tomorrow. If anybody wants to come out and help, we will be picking, then crushing and destemming the grapes tomorrow morning.

Still waiting

We are still waiting to harvest our Cabernet and Syrah. The sugar level in the grape isn’t high enough yet due to the cool summer and the recent rain.


New Chardonnay

I now it doesn’t look like much now, but our Chardonnay has just finished its first fermentation. It smells wonderful. Now, onto malolactic fermentation.


New Merlot label

Here’s a view of our 2010 Merlot label


New Merlot label

Here’s a view of our 2010 Merlot label


Chardonnay pressing

We pressed our Chardonnay today. It goes into a stainless steel tank for fermentation.




We got a last minute phone call that the Chardonnay grapes are ready. Let me back up for a minute. Our Chardonnay was affected with powdery mildew and the birds ate the other half. Anyway, here’s some pictures of this years Ballico Chardonnay.



Merlot bottling

We bottled our Merlot yesterday. Here’s a few pictures.





Winery ready

The winery is finally ready for this years crush. We aquired a couple of 2008 french oak barrels for aging our cabernet and syrah. Our chardonnay is up to 20 brix, maybe about 2 or 3 weeks until harvest.




We are seeing veraison starting to occur in our syrah and cabernet grapes. Countdown to harvest and the start of winemaking.



Vineyard from above

Here’s a picture of our vineyard from the barn roof.


Bottling Day

We bottled both our Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon today. A special thanks to our friends that came and helped with the bottling. The wines that were bottled today will be available for tasting in a couple of months. Here’s a few pictures from today.







Chardonnay filtering

We filtered our 2010 Chardonnay In advance of bottling.


In the vineyard today

Here’s a couple pictures of the vineyard today



Grapes growing

Our grapes have started growing. This will be our first year harvesting our Cabernet and Syrah grapes for wine.



Sneaking some 2010 Chardonnay out of the barrel for tasting. It taste great, time for bottling soon.


Vineyard pruned

We got the vineyard pruned today with the help with some of our friends. Now we wait for the grapes to grow this year.

Blossom view

Here’s the inspiration behind blossom view label

Wine testing

Testing the levels of SO2 in all of the wines today. SO2 a preservative of the wine. Also had to taste all of the wines to see how they are coming along.

Wine cellar

Got a good start on our wine storage made out of recycled redwood. The wood came out of the original house that was on this property.

Cold winery

Since it is cold in the winery, I thought I would post a picture of a sunset from the beach.

Chardonnay Cold stabilization

We started the chiller today to chill the Chardonnay. This is called cold stabilization, which will drop tartaric acid out of the wine. At the end of this process we should end up with a very clear chardonnay. This is a picture of the chilling plate.

Clarifying chardonnay

Transferred our 2010 Chardonnay into a stainless tank to clarify the wine. It tastes wonderful and as soon as we get it clear we will think about bottling it. Maybe this spring, stay tuned.

Racking our 2008 wines today

Racked our Cabernet and Syrah wines into stainless steel tanks. Checked SO2 levels in the wines. Then racked the wines into different barrels for more aging.


Winery is quiet and cool now

All of our wines have finished malolactic fermentation. We are adding so2 to prevent spoilage. We do tasting to see the progress of our wines. We will be racking our 2009 wines in the next couple of weeks to help clarify them. The 2010 Chardonnay is tasting very nice. We should be bottling it in late march

Wines finished malolactic

Our Chardonnay and Pinot Noir have finished malolactic fermenting. Now to adjusting then aging.

The Winery is full

All the barrel’s are full in the winery. Now the waiting begins, as we guide these young wines into fine aged wines drinkable for many years too come. Stay tuned

Last wine into the barrel

We put the last wine into the barrel today. 5814’s Cabernet was transferred into a American oak barrel to finish malolactic fermentation.


The winery is quiet now. All the wine is in malolactic fermentation.

5814 winery pressing cabernet

Here’s some pictures of 5814’s crew pressing their Cabernet grapes.

Transfered Merlot into barrel tonite

Here’s some pictures of the pumping of our Merlot into a barrel.